The Benefits of a Tri Merged $299.99 CPN:  is knowing the 9 digit number housing your business identity is free and clear of others using your number. We have found that person serious able establishing a new personal business profile either for themselves personally or for their business; Understands the value of having a business identity free upon itself. Furthermore person who know they will be purchasing trade-lines will also find this service important.

You can purchase a more expensive corporation package or you can obtain a EIN Free from the IRS website; but if you do not inspect your new 9 digit number either if it's a EIN, ITIN, SSN, TIN or ANY 9 digit government issued number for issuance, a death master file, a situation non issuance, Safe Scan searches, Choice Point and Lexis Nexis you will quickly find that your business efforts and approvals might be hampered.
If you input a standard issued EIN with a basic SSN validator search you will find the IRS will issue you a number with a death master file attached, a situation non issuance, Safe Scan, Choice Point or Lexis Nexis errors. Needless to say you will quickly find your business efforts and approvals will be hampered by automated and underwriting approval processes. 

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"What's the Difference Between a $199.99 CPN and a $299.99 CPN?"

Our company utilizes internet-based communications for all inbound inquiries and a combination of email, phone, and remote assistance for an expeditious resolution. No more leaving messages in phantom voice mailboxes, waiting in long telephone queues only to be disconnected before submitting your question. Our clients have embraced this proven support model because it provides a very high level of service while maintaining a very inexpensive pricing structure.


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With this purchase you will also receive a copy of such report after your cpn is processed. The only reason it is necessary to offer this service is because the credit bureaus have moved into a position of automatically denying business credit due to another name or person appearing on a credit report which they provide to vendors as a sole reference of approving or denying credit. It is a fact the IRS will issue a EIN ITIN or SSN with a death master file or non issuance status. If you do not inspect your number prior to spending years of time money and energy; you may find your efforts to legitimately building your business hampered by issues unknown and unannounced to you.

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